About Parking Mitra

Aakarsh Technovision Pvt Ltd has developed a first of a kind concept Parking Mitra, to ease the difficulties around un-organized parking in the country. Seeing the fact that the parking these days are super busy and difficult to find which result in people parking their vehicle on roads, behind someone else vehicle or spot. All this creates a lot of trouble to people and movement of traffic; here comes our product Parking Mitra which has solution to these issues.

All you need to do is paste the Parking Mitra decal on your vehicle, the decal has a dynamic Quick Response Code (QR Code) through which the vehicle owner can be contacted. Keeping in mind the privacy of the vehicle owner, we have privacy option where an individual can hide his/her mobile no and in this case the vehicle owner will be contacted through pre set messages options and notifications.

Parking Mitra decal offers various options for which the vehicle owner needs to be contacted:-

  • The vehicle is wrongly parked.

  • The vehicle is being towed.

  • There is something wrong with the vehicle.

  • Emergency.

  • Any other scenario.

  • Call the owner (Optional)

It is very easy to install the Parking Mitra decal; you just need to wipe the windscreen with a cloth and paste the decal on top right or left corner of the windscreen, and in case of two-wheeler you can paste the decal on the mud flap or petrol tank or anywhere which is convenient and easily visible.

The Parking Mitra decal can be scanned by any QR Code scanner or camera.

NO Application is required.

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